The landscape of healthcare is rapidly changing, which is having significant impact on hospitals and providers.  If these organizations fail to adopt an innovation mindset, strategy and platform, their long term viability will be in serious doubt.

Radian is engaging with forward thinking healthcare organizations that recognize these shifts and want to invest their own resources to bridge gaps in current technologies and standards of care.  We are uniquely experienced in partnering with healthcare organizations to harness their domain, industry, and operational expertise to tangibly foster innovation.  We help establish and manage platforms and programs that nurture transformative healthcare technologies, with the end goal of creating value and improving the standard of care for all.

Our Value Add

Radian Health Innovations provides meaningful, measurable, and valuable services with hospitals and healthcare systems, including engagement in the following activities:

Opportunity Assessment
We employ proven processes and tools to assess the innovation viability of our partners and clients. In other words, we can determine in a relatively short period of time how ready a hospital or healthcare organization is to build an innovation platform and what steps need to be taken to get there.

Business Planning
We help hospitals and healthcare systems construct, facilitate and execute on strategic and operating plans that will realize significant value through innovation. We work with our clients to put together a customized plan that will best position them for innovation success.

Venture Funding
Our principals have significant experience investing in dozens of innovative technologies and companies, with a track record of success. We are intimately familiar with how to set up programs and funds for healthcare innovation. We also understand how to manage the funding lifecycle to achieve the best results.

Joint Ventures Establishment
Establishing joint ventures with like-minded, reputable companies and organizations to facilitate product commercialization is crucial to success in healthcare innovation. We know how to identify, facilitate and nurture these partnerships to make them a win-win proposition.

Ongoing Advisory
Once we help a client establish an innovation platform or program, we provide practical, value-add, ongoing counsel to ensure success. We also look to bring additional resources to the table to help these platforms and programs take things to the next level.

For more information about our capabilities, current and previous engagements please contact us.